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Monday, July 17, 2006

This Will Be The Last Time.... Maybe

Back in Chicago just in time for near-record heat and the VII Gay Games. Took the 6:30am flight up from RDU, which gets me to the office in the Aon Center by around 8am. Talked to both of my bosses about the new opportunity (oh, and I accepted the new position) but I still don't have an official transfer date (I'm shooting for 8/7) or anyone at this point to turn things over to. I should be working tonight but I'm way, way too tired.

Left the office around 6 to walk over to the Palmer House hotel, which normally would feel like a short walk but today felt like 10 miles. I was soaked to the skin by the time I got there (the heat index is still 99 degrees at almost 10 CDT). Walked into the lobby to find a couple of football player-sized guys practicing their cheers and quickly remembered that the Gay Games started last weekend - I may be the only straight guy in this hotel that is not an employee. The Gay Games thing might make it hard for me to get in a run down LakeShore this week, except that it appears that most of the events there are either over or very early in the morning.

So I'm back - but I still need someone to turn stuff over to or I'll be back up here next week too.


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