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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Heels in Omaha

While my mother-in-law and her beau were freaking out over the Carolina Hurricane's Stanley Cup run and everybody else has been watching Pat Riley's Miami Heat finally win an NBA championship, I've been getting all excited about the Carolina baseball team. Watched most of the Clemson game Sunday night and then caught the last few innings of the Cal State-Fullerton game tonight, including Jay Cox's incredible catch running into the wall for the 2nd out in the ninth and Andrew Miller's 3-pitch stint as a reliever that put the game away.

Back in the day (before they put a gated fence around the park and outlawed the open consumption of alcohol on campus), we'd pack an Igloo full of beer and go sit on the bank along the first base line at Boshamer Stadium and watch the Heels play. I never made it to one of the yearly exhibitions with the Yankees but they certainly drew some crowds (Jenny Steinbrenner was at UNC the same time I was so Daddy George brought the team down every spring). They had some pretty decent teams (B.J. Surhoff and Walt Weiss were teammates at UNC a couple of years after me) but this is their first time to the final series. Should be a fun weekend!


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