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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You Take The Long Way Home - Mothman Lives!

After my tour of Gallipolis, I drove on across the Ohio into Point Pleasant across the replacement for the Silver Bridge. After cruising around a bit, I pulled over to Main Street and parked for a bit to walk around (as it turned out, I was parked where the original bridge had come into Point Pleasant). I'm not going to go over the whole Mothman phenomenon - either you've seen The Mothman Prophecies or you can check out a number of web sites.

I wonder what the townspeople, many of whom would have lost family and friends when the Silver Bridge collapsed in 1967, think about the whole Mothman thing - I could see them feeling like it takes away from that tragedy, but with a Mothman statue right off of Main Street, clearly a large number of people in the town have embraced the legend.

Photo 1: The statue of the Mothman, 4th Street/Main Street in Point Pleasant

Photo 2: The Mothman Museum, storefront in the Lowe Hotel building

Photo 3: The Lowe Hotel (Richard Gere's stopover in the movie)

Photo 4: The replacement for the Silver Bridge, beyond the new riverside park


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