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Friday, July 14, 2006

The End is Near

Friday night... sitting on the back porch with the laptop, a belly full of high octane beer and a football-size burrito from Margaret's Cantina. And a job offer from another division of the company...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that there might be a change coming. Someone I worked for a couple of years ago was keeping his eye out for me after the last account I was with went away and gave my name out to a local Fed account who actually had a very interesting position open. One that plays to my strengths. One that could very well have been written specifically with me in mind. One that would get me back into a more technology-oriented job. So I bit, interviewed, got called back, got called back again, got told I was on a short list of 2 (after they'd talked to 20 people), did lunch and was finally told mid-week this week that I was going to get an offer.

Which didn't come late Wednesday. Which didn't come Thursday. Which didn't come Friday morning. So I e-mailed the main contact (no one in my company works for just one person) and let her know I hadn't heard anything. Nothing.

But I was still in my home office hanging out after work when the phone rang just before 6. Apparently all the information on the offer was correct except for my email address. So somewhere in the company some cat with a name similar to mine is wondering why he's gotten an offer for a job he didn't apply for. :-D

So I finally got the offer informally late today. And called my current boss, which was one of the most difficult things I've ever done as he is a decent, hardworking, fair and very desperate man - he is struggling with what he's been asked to do (ANYBODY would be struggling with what he's been asked to do) and I know he's been depending on me to help carry us through. And now I'm bailing.

But I refuse to feel guilty - I've been in the position (if not this specific account) for two years now and frankly my technical knowledge has really started to get dated. I haven't been hands-on technical for awhile but I've at least been able to keep up with the technology at some level - not the last 24 months. So I have no question in my mind that this is the right career move for me and I'll just have to do what I can to ease the transition for my successor, whoever that ends up being.

So the end is near for Southern Boy in ChiTown, although it is not quite here. I'm heading back to the city early (EARLY) Monday morning (staying at the Palmer House, which should be interesting) and I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't go back up at least once more for transition, although I plan to avoid that if possible. Lady J is already compiling a list of stuff she's going to want me to pick up and either bring back or ship back for her. I keep telling her that now that we're comfortable there we'll probably go back for a long weekend from time to time but she doesn't think so. She may be right - the Fed job makes it more likely that we'll be doing the DC thing from time to time and since we were married in Rockville MD and spent the first part of our time together in the metro area, there's a real appeal to that.

If you came here from my previous blog, which most of you did, I plan on cranking it back up this weekend so please go check it out! If you didn't, feel free to email me at chitownsoboyatyahoodotcom and I'll send you the link. I expect to keep posting here too though for another 3 weeks or so.



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