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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finally Some Good News

So I did what I said and camped out in my boss's office this morning until he replied to my damn email about working from NC next week and agreeing to the start date. Of course since then I've heard nothing but veiled threats about how if this doesn't get done or that doesn't get fixed somebody higher up will decide I can't go. Which, if you think about it, really doesn't make sense - if I can't get it fixed, why do you want me to stay? It's like it's some kind of punishment, but in the meantime you've got the guy that failed still there. So I'm believing it's all bluster (or almost all).

On the other hand, I was certainly able to bring some joy to the guys on the new account as I think they were preparing for a longer wait. The timing is perfect for me to be coming on board now, so I gotta make sure nothing messes that up.


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