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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Victim of My Own Success

I've apparently managed to piss off the executives over me, my current customer, and I'm afraid the guys trying to hire me. There are threats to block me from moving to the new account (I use the word "escape") which is really ticking me off. Probably more likely is an insistence that I stay around here so long that I become less palatable to the hiring account.

I suppose I could look at this as an affirmation of what a hellacious guy I am, but I think what is more likely is a feeling like "he doesn't suck quite as much as the people who were here before him" among those that care.

I have little (some, but little) doubt that this'll all work out, but it's making it damn tough to concentrate. Back next week for sure, staying at at corp apartment right next to the Aon Center that one of my fellow North Carolinians has that he isn't using. Maybe that really will be the last trip.


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