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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The View

No, not that horrible TV show - the view from the new apartment! We moved in early Saturday afternoon (April Fool's Day) and the first picture is the sight that greeted us as we stepped onto the balcony - a skycrane at about eye level delivering an AC unit or something to the building across the way. The apartment faces pretty much due north and yes, that is Lake Michigan you can see in the background. The second pic is looking to the right (east) from the balcony - nice view of the Hancock bldg in the clouds. It really isn't always cloudy, but you'd be hardpressed to convince Lady J of that, especially after the thunderstorm that rolled through on Sunday (she swears she saw lightning that originated below the level of the apartment). We're on the 45th floor of a 52-story building - pretty neat!

It's a one-bedroom (really a one-bedroom, not a studio, although the bureau and bed take up 98% of the floor space in the bedroom) with two large-ish closets and a kitchen/living room/dining "room" (and an oddly-large bathroom). The package includes broadband and cable but Lady J is sad because the cable includes about 23 Spanish-language channels but no Sci-Fi! It also includes a washer-dryer, which was a real must.

Didn't get a second key until Wednesday or broadband working until Thursday but all-in-all, very few problems. It ain't home, but it ain't bad.


  • What a sweet view! How exciting!

    Be sure to have tornado evacaution plans!

    By Blogger mapgirl, at 11:57 PM  

  • ....evacuation plans.....

    Right. I really needed that.

    By Blogger LadyJ, at 8:01 PM  

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