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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm Here

Well, I'm finally here. Got to the airport in time to catch the end of the first half of the ACC final and then all of the second half. Sorry BC didn't hang on to beat the Dookies, but they're going to be tough in the tourney (I saw that one of the talking heads on the ESPN bracket show picked BC for the Final Four).

No pictures yet - it was a rainy ride in to the hotel and looks like a rocky night. I'd hoped to walk in to work the first day tomorrow but I think a bus will be more practical. It'll be cold the next few days but it looks reasonably dry the first half of the week (after tomorrow morning) so I hope I'll be able to get some shots posted by Thursday. I'll also need to find a good place to watch the tourney this weekend - something tells me that the ESPNZone is probably not practical!

Room's small but servicable. Lady J asked if it would be big enough for both of us for a couple of weeks and the answer was emphatically "NO" - there's not really enough room for MY stuff, much less for a second person. But it's fine for me. I'm on the 16th, overlooking Chicago Place across Michigan Ave. The sirens are going to take some getting used to (I'm a block from Northwestern University Hospital) but it's actually gotten relatively quiet for the time being.

I'm still on east coast time, so I'll be hitting the sack early...


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