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Monday, February 13, 2006

Well, I *Thought* It Was Official

It looked for a little while today that maybe things weren't quite as definite as I thought. I heard from one of the bosses on one of my current accounts (I won't bore you with our internal nonsense titles for these positions) that our account exec was not happy with the change. I guess that makes me feel good that they didn't want to lose me and it made me very confused about how I felt about maybe not doing this after all. Mostly annoyed, I think, since I've spent so much time (as had my wife, from here on out referred to as "Lady J") getting my head around doing this thing. But it looks like we're good to go anyway - not sure what happened by this afternoon, but I think we're all set. Now comes figuring out all the things we need to do around here before I split for a couple of weeks.

One of the things I'm trying to figure out is how to keep running regularly. I've been a morning runner for the last couple of years, hitting the road about 6:30, finishing around 7:30 and being at work at 8:30 (since going to work means walking upstairs). This will not be nearly so easy when I've got a 9-10 block walk or bus ride every day. Weekends should be nice since I'll have miles and miles of Lake Michigan shoreline at my disposal, but I'm going to have to learn to run on a treadmill during the week, I'm afraid. That's a problem, since for some reason my heartrate goes through the roof on a treadmill, even though I set the pace for a little slower than I run on the road or in the woods. I finish a 4 mile run on pavement with a heart rate of about 140. After a mile on the treadmill, I'm spiking well over 160. Gotta figure that out.

Lots of work to do to finish up my current projects (just shut down after putting in another hour or so tonight). Time to catch a little bit of Olympic action and hit the sack.


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