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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Excitement or Relief?

I can't tell if I'm starting to get excited about the new challenges of the new account or if I'm just so stinking tired of the old challenges on the old account(s). I'm absolutely mentally exhausted with little brain room or real time to do any planning for starting the job in Chicago, which is a bad thing as I have millions of things to do. I'm so glad that I insisted on taking a week off in between assignments, both to do some recreating as well as to take care of some of these last minute things that I can put off. Going to work on a new-ish account with lots of growing pains should be much more fun that working on an account that is being shut down.

I did manage to get the taxes filed last weekend, which is good since I need the refund to pick up a laptop (still haven't ordered it) and probably some clothes and additional luggage. Lady J insists that our next house will have a room dedicated specifically to luggage storage, but despite that we still don't have anything sufficient to packing for a couple of weeks at a time. After telecommuting for the last few years, I'm going to have to buy some new clothes (shorts and Outer Banks restaurant t's won't cut it). I'm just not sure yet whether we're talking business casual or the old tie-and-jacket thing.

Can't come soon enough for me today, but tonight I'm sure I'll be panicking about all that is left to do.


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