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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Week that Wasn't

Jeez, I'm obviously way, way behind in blogging.

I did make it out for a run along Lake Michigan last Sunday - cold but very clear and there must have been millions of people out there with me, including a number of people training for the Boston Marathon (complete with attended tables of water). Very nice - looking forward to many more like it! I crossed under Lakeshore at Chicago Ave and made it up past Castaways to the next set of beaches before turning around for home.

Also made my first foray into the Chicago underground after realizing that the day before I'd been inadvertently charged $33.50 for the latest issue of Flaming Carrot Comics at Graham Crackers, instead of the much more reasonable $3.50. Subway was fine - pretty much halfway between the NY subway and the DC metro in terms of age, cleanliness, etc.

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur of work except for a really nice dinner Thursday night with a friend from work at Cyrano's Bistrot (yes, Bistrot). Then it was fly home late Friday, drive up to Asheville Saturday to see Dad for a couple of hours, turn around and drive back to CH then spend Sunday packing and flying back to Chicago.

But this time at least I was not alone - Lady J is here with me now and I'm a happy guy, except maybe that it makes working long hours suck more. Weather sucked tonight but it should be getting better by Wednesday. We don't have huge things planned for this weekend primarily as we'll be moving into the apartment Saturday and I expect the rest of the weekend will be devoted to settling in. Look for pictures by Sunday afternoon.


  • I'm glad LJ is with you. Then I won't worry about either of you being lonely. Enjoy your time together.

    By Blogger jw, at 9:33 AM  

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