Southern Boy in ChiTown

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Cabbie and the Twenty

We flew back up to Chicago on Tuesday this week due to the Memorial Day weekend and as usual took a cab from Midway to the apartment. I handed the cabbie my corporate credit card and got out to get our bags out of the trunk and as I did, I spotted a folded-over twenty lying in the street soaked from the thunderstorm that was finally dying down. I palmed it while taking the bags to the sidewalk but it was too wet to put in my pocket. As I slid back into the back seat to sign the credit card slip, I heard the cabbie mumbling something about needing cash for gas. Now, sometimes I get cabbies that are really nasty about taking a credit card, but this didn't seem directed at me - more a self-beratement for not having a little more forethought. I looked at the $20 dripping in my hand and decided that while that was twice the tip that I had planned on, he could probably use it more than me.

He was one happy cabbie.


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