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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Creature Feature

My love of bad sci-fi movies came primarily from two sources - "The Big Show" afternoon movie on the Nashville CBS affiliate (complete with Dialing for Dollars) and WSM's Creature Feature on Saturday nights, hosted by Sir Cecil Creape. The Big Show was good for the old early Cold War stuff like "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" while Sir Cecil introduced me to "Godzilla" and the rest of the Toho monster crowd. Sir Cecil was my hero - the first year I was too old to trick-or-treat I did a great Sir Cecil costume and scared away most of the kids that showed up for candy (more for me!).

Later of course there was Elvira and DC's Count Gore de Vol (J was a fan of the Count's) but I haven't had regular access to a fright-night host until now, since we discovered Chicago's Svengoolie a couple of weeks ago. He's not Sir Cecil Creape good, but he ain't bad. But he's going to have to find better material than Killjoy - it was too bad to even be funny. On the other hand, we caught Pinata: Paradise Island on Friday and it was actually just the right amount of badness to be a hoot (and it had Nicholas "Xander" Brendan and Jaime Pressley to boot!).

While we've been discussing this tonight, J discovered a website devoted to horror hosts - just what we need, another time suck. As if picking up Mystery Science Theater 3000's Volume 9 wasn't bad enough...


  • This is current Nashville horror host Dr. Gangrene - I too grew up with the Big show and Creature Feature - both were fantastic for a young monster kid. Can you tell me if the Big show was hosted at all. I seem to remember someone, maybe Bob Lobertini or Chris Clark, on there - but that might just have been during the dialing for dollars segment. All a vague memory now.

    Here's a website to find out more about my show, Creature Feature (yes named after Sir Cecil's show)

    By Anonymous Dr Gangrene, at 2:00 PM  

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