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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Repeat Repeat

Something happened a couple of weeks ago that I've been fearing but hoped I could avoid. I went down to the lower level of the Aon Center to grab some lunch and headed back up to 7 to get back to work. I actually had the elevator to myself for once and hit 7 for the short ride up. After a minute the doors opened and I started to step out while a women darted in before she noticed that someone was trying to exit. I badged myself in to the break room and walked through to my cube, to be brought up short by the fact that my laptop was gone, as was my briefcase. It took me fully 30 seconds to realize that I'd gotten off on 5 instead of 7 and I was looking at the mirror of my space two floors up. Creepy.

Really, really creepy.


  • OK, I've seen this in a movie. If you wake up tomorrow and all the people are gone, start looking out for vampires.

    By Blogger Lex, at 5:00 AM  

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