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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monty Python and the Holy Musical

After missing out on tickets for Wicked, I was determined to get tickets to Spamalot and I did manage to score a couple of Thursday, June 1 (the 4th is the last day of the run). These are, uh, GREAT tickets. Ok, they're GOOD tickets. All right, they're inside the theater, okay? They're actually in the next-to-last row of the balcony, but hey - they're not the last row!

Hell, who cares - I saw Holy Grail in the theater as a midnight movie about 40 times, both in Charlotte while in high school and then at the Carolina Blue and White in Chapel Hill. We were even such fans that we went to see Jabberwocky - twice! So just being in the same city where Spamalot is playing is a cool thing - being way, way, way back in the theater is just bonus!


  • My mother's supposed to be trying to get us tix for Charlotte for this winter. Hope she's able -- I really want to see it.

    By Blogger Lex, at 4:53 AM  

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